Tide and Isle Reed diffuser


Fill your space with your favorite fragrance, without the worry of having to monitor it. Repurpose the bottle as a flower bud vase when the diffuser is done. 

Each diffuser comes with approximately 4oz of fragrance in a clear glass jar and bundle of 10 responsibly harvested rattan reeds. Jar measures 3” tall and reeds measure 7”. Lasts approximately 6 months.

The vegan coconut-infused reed diffuser base was designed to give optimal fragrance throw and formulated with no phthalates or parabens.

INGREDIENTS: Natural coco-vegan diffuser base, blend of paraben and phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils.


Vibe: Atlantic coast

Notes: seaweed • driftwood • lavender • incense • brine



Vibe: Winter walks in the woods and freshly cut balsam fir 

Notes: cold mtn air • eucalyptus  juniper  fir  balsam  pine   woods


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