Bow Street Home in Freeport, Maine was founded in 2021 by husband and wife, Erik and Jessica McLellan. Erik is a Maine native, born and raised in the small town of Litchfield. Jessica was born and raised on the opposite side of the world in the equally small town of Kula on Maui in Hawaii. The two met on Maui in 2005 when Erik moved 6000 miles away from Boston to pursue a new career a couple of years after graduating from Babson College with a degree in Entrepreneurship. Through a stroke of good fortune, Jessica happened to move back to Maui from the mainland shortly after to look at starting an interior design career closer to home.  The two met through a mutual friend a month after Erik arrived and have been together ever since.  Coming together from the completely opposite coasts is the story of Bow Street Home.  

While their full-time residence is now on Maui, Erik and Jessica had always dreamt of having a landing spot for their family in Maine. Strong ties to the area still remain, as Erik's family all still resides in New England - his Mom is actually still in the house where he grew up in Litchfield.  So when the space at 25 Bow Street became available, the couple quickly developed a plan and pulled together the pieces to start a local business from thousands of miles away.  Despite being from the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Jessica has always loved the East Coast. In fact, she was a student in the History of Architecture department at NYU during some of her formative years.   

On Maui, Jessica has a thriving interior design firm, as well as three home furnishing stores. She started the business, HUE Home + Design (, together with her business partner Wendy Takemoto in 2012. They are known for their “beach luxe” aesthetic in the Hawaii design scene, and their stores offer the finest in island-inspired, classic coastal home furnishings and decor. Jessica quickly envisioned Bow Street Home as being a smaller version of HUE, where she and Erik could introduce the modern coastal aesthetic that she knew would fit right into the New England coastal interior design scene.

 The charming and vibrant community of Freeport is the perfect location for the business, and the couple looks forward to continuing to focus on bringing a new design aesthetic to the area, while also supporting and collaborating with local designers, artists, and craftspeople.  

Bow Street Home: Island Inspired meets Classic Coastal.